African Fashions

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Experience Nigerian Elegance

Discover an eye-catching array of colorful designs you can only find at African Fashions in Oak Park, Michigan. See them in the stylish creations of our shop’s owner-designer whose industry experience spans more than 20 years.

The Real Deal

Our company owner learned to sew at the age of seven. Even back then, she observed that colorful Nigerian fabrics have always been imitated (or faked) by many manufacturers all over the world.

Upon migrating to America, she discovered that there was no one else offering authentic African fabrics and dresses in the market. That’s when she decided to design, create, and offer these unique products. Inspired by her vision, our company continues to expand.

Try Something Daring

Experiment with color. Revel in the contrasting palette of dark and brilliant colors that make African fabrics and designs stand out. Send us an email or give us a call to learn more about our products, services, and more.